Ballisticks is a unique multipurpose “Bullet-Resistant Flexible Panel”. Ballisticks can be worn on your person, installed into vehicles or laid in your homes for instant safe rooms. Ballisticks is instant bulletproof, life-saving protection.

Life is unpredictable! In these turbulent times we need to take the best possible measures to protect ourselves and our families. Our children’s schools and our places of employment are being attacked randomly and our recourse for protection are few. America seems to be under assault; but now there is a new and revolutionary method of protection. Introducing Ballisticks “Bulletproof” Adhesive Panels can be the difference between life and death!

Ballisticks Adhesive Panels are the new wave in instant life-saving protection. Our Kevlar and other ballistics materials are paired with composite binding components and full strength adhesives to create a unique protective panel that can be worn almost anywhere. Ballisticks Pads comes in a secured container that can house multiple panels. These sectioned panels are precut, sealed and prepackaged to peel & stick when needed. Our rolls have different shapes and sizes and can be applied to your chest, back, arms, legs and thighs. Ballisticks Adhesive Panels also comes in different caliber protection.

This is an excellent alternative to keep in school, the work place, public events, in your cars and homes. Ballisticks can be applied on clothing and skin and used in multiple layers for extra protection. A one can supply can provide protection for 10 people in an emergency assault situation. Ballisticks Instant Protection is the new wave of the future, remember “We don’t patch holes…..we prevent them!”

The Ballisticks Panels New Innovation Facts ​​

Ballisticks is a rare flexible anti-ballistic adhesive body armor of it’s type, allowing soldiers, law enforcement, and private logistics personnel the motion and protection they need to execute their assignments in the field. Until now, protection composites have been hardened, producing rigid structures that for bodily protection such as hardened Kevlar®, limit mobility and leave penetrable gaps between plates that can expose the wearer’s joints and other locations to ballistic attack. In addition, rigid protection often requires heavy positional support to keep the plates in place, increasing weight and further limiting the maneuverability of the wearer.

Never before accomplished in the composites industry until now, non-rigid bonding catalysts in the resin, infused through the fabric using a special compression technique, allow the Kevlar® fabric to remain bendable, malleable, and pliable, while yet retaining its anti-ballistic properties. This result allows Ballisticks not only to be applied on the traditional vital areas, but also on interior joint and non-traditional points usually left susceptible to exposure by the industry standard.

In addition, due to being pliable, Ballisticks responds to the motion of the wearer conducive to clothing, allowing Ballisticks’ adhesive panels to remain in place through lightweight means, further increasing the maneuverability of the wearer. Ballisticks introduces a paradigm shift in personal protection, offering unparalleled physical security and mobility for the warfighter, law enforcement, and private logistics personnel to operate successfully in the field.