What is Ballisticks?

Ballisticks (pronounced /bahˈlis-tiks/) Panels are a revolutionary new way of personal protection. We have a new form of ballistics technology that allows the user to peel off measured sections of Kevlar and other proprietary ballistics materials that have been fortified with a new Patent-Pending Process. These panels are flexible (especially when warmed) and durable and have varying degrees of flexibility, their composition is such the they can be molded around limbs and other body parts and items. Our revolutionary rubberized coating encases our new ballistics unit, this makes this adds to the longevity of our product; as well as making it UV Resistant.

This allows the user (in emergency situations) to instantly have bulletproof protection that can withstand the deployment of a 44-Magnum hand gun; currently we will be offering a high multiply count. The Ballisticks Adhesive Panels are re-useable if they have not been punctured or frayed; they also can be layered for extra protection. a re-adhesive kit can accompany the roll of Ballisticks Panels and can be re-applied if unit is removed unused.

The Ballisticks Panels will be offered in different shapes, sizes, lengths and colors. The Ballisticks unit is sleek and durable and can be worn virtually undetected. Ballisticks can be affixed to clothing, skin, furniture, doors, cars, and windows. Ballisticks is especially useful for alternate exposed body parts like arms, legs, thighs, neck, head and back. A unique quality of Ballisticks Panels are that they can be molded and shaped when warm and holds shape when cool and will harden in place. This characteristic is unheard of with a ballistics unit…..until now!

We do understand that injuries can and will still occur utilizing our Ballisticks Adhesive Panels; our goal is to stop bullet wounds and lessen fatalities. Please understand that even wearing a traditional bulletproof vest that there will be injuries like cracked ribs, bruising and/or soreness…..our product is no different.

Ballisticks Adhesive Panels will be great to have available in Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Movie Theaters, Public Events, Hospitals, Police Departments, squad cars and Fire Departments. Also For use in the the Work Place, The Military, War-torn Countries, Hunting and for personal and home use. Ballisticks Adhesive Panels has been informed by the NIJ (National Institute of Justice); that we “Do Not” need to be tested certified through them but we can and will provide licensed laboratory testing and verification before coming to the market.

Why Ballisticks Panels?

Ballisticks Removable Adhesive Panels

  • Provides the same protection as any other bulletproof products.
  • Ballisticks has varying degrees of flexibility and are durable.
  • UV Resistant.
  • Sleeker and lighter in weight than typical ballistics.
  • Adhesives to user for secured protection.
  • Can be worn in layers.
  • A Ballisticks can provide protection for multiple people.
  • Can be worn by children, animals and other objects.
  • Can be worn on multiple body parts.
  • Less expensive than one-single bulletproof vest.
  • Ballisticks Panels weight about 1/3 less than typical bulletproof vest.
  • Can be shaped and molded when warm and becomes hard and retains shape when cool.
  • Ballisticks is a morph of soft ballistics and hard ballistics protection.
  • Can resist high caliber weapons at closer range.

As we move forward to the marketplace, more and more ballistics/bulletproof concepts are becoming available. Many of these products are non-practical and are of limited use; such as “Bulletproof Clipboards” and “Bulletproof Helmets”. Consumers and Policing Agencies are purchasing these and similar items. There is an apparent need for practical and reliable protection, we are certain that Ballisticks Panels will provide that. For more information, please feel free to email us at info@Ballisticks.com


This is an actual Ballisticks Panel that has been shot by a 45 caliber handgun with hollowed-point bullets from 5-feet away. As you can see, the 1st bullet is still on the surface and the 2nd bullet penetrated on 2 plies of Kevlar and bounced back out. Also, several shots were taken at 3-feet away and never penetrated beyond 4 layers of Kevlar.


Hollow-point bullets that were flattened upon the impact with Ballisticks Panels.


Actual  Ballisticks Panels

Level 3A Protection

(Ballisticks Panels have varying

levels of flexibility; it depends on

the ply count of the Kevlar.)