Below are the “Official U.S Testing” photos of the Ballisticks Panels during the Ballistic Resistance Test. What this test does is evaluate the performance, ability and the efficiency of the bulletproof product in question. This test also measures the depth of back-face defamation (which is experienced by all bulletproof vest and equipment). That depth can not exceed more that 45mm. The exact “Backface Deformation” measurements for Ballisticks Panels was 23.1mm, 17.8mm, 20.3mm (.357 Sig Sauer) / 22.6mm, 23.6mm and 27.9mm (.44 Magnum). Ballisticks Panels “PASSED” twice with flying colors, No Bullets Exited The Panels for level 3A!!!

Tested on May 12, 2014 and January 24, 2017


January 24, 2017 / .44 Magnum Test


January 24, 2017 / 357 Sig Sauer Test